Illustrator and author. Her favorite medium is watercolor. Her work is exhibited and sold in galleries, published in books, apps, travel notebooks, cards, children’s calendars and magazines.



Marielle in Paris



Marielle the mouse is a dressmaker and she makes her home in an upside-down flowerpot in Paris. One day, the elegant Madame de Sooree asks Marielle to make nine dresses for her nine daughters—Berenice, Babette, Belle, Bernadette, Blanche, Blondelle, Brie, Brigitte, and Beatrice­—for their birthday party.

Marielle tours the city, looking for creative inspiration. But with only ten days until the party, will she be able to deliver the dresses on time? Even after a big wind whooshes through her workroom? Her friend Pierre the pigeon can help, but only if Marielle can overcome her fear of heights to take a wild ride over Paris! 

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La Cigogne de Noël (The Christmas Stork)



Little Stork wants to stay and see the snow, instead of flying south for the winter. But how will he eat and keep warm?
He learns the uncertainties and rewards of following a dream and has lots of stories to tell his friends!

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Yan Yan le premier panda noir et blanc
(Yan Yan, The First Black And White Panda)



How did the panda become black and white?
This original tale, inspired by a Chinese
legend will tell you.

Editions Bastberg

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Naviguez Plein Est, au fil des canaux



A travel notebook about my trip on the
waterways in Alsace and Lorraine.
I discovered natural beauty, cultural riches
and the joys of traveling at a different pace.
With pen, pencil and paints I tell the story
of people I met and places I saw while
following the course of the water.

First edition: Voies navigables de France
(VNF), 1998
Second edition: Editions EDISUD, 2001

Out of print. For reprint or other rights,
contact : Jeanne.

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